Organic food is good for you

LAST UPDATED: 10 Jun, 2011 @ 09:40
Organic food is good for you

GOING organic can help you lose weight and live longer.

In the latest of a long line of contradictory findings a study by the University of Newcastle claims that going organic could extend the average lifespan by 25 days for men and 17 days for women.

A lucky few could even live for up to five years more, according to the researchers.

The study reveals eating organic food will keep you healthier and slimmer as fruit and vegetables grown without artificial fertilisers have been shown to have more key nutrients, including vitamin C.

But the conclusion challenges the Food Standards Agency, which caused an outcry in 2009 when it published research stating there was ‘no significant increase’ in nutrients in organic produce.

It comes as the most important organic fair in Spain, BioCultura, saw more than 700 exhibitors and 70,000 visitors in Barcelona.

Interestingly however, while Spain is the ninth biggest organic food producer in the world, it is near the bottom for consumption.


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