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A fruitful year for Andalucia as food exports top €5 billion

ANDALUCIA has exported more agricultural goods this year than ever before with sales reaching €5.9 billion in the first five months. The southern peninsula now...

Some Paella Recipes You Didn’t Know About

There are many traditional dishes in Spanish cuisine, but paella is the most popular. There are more than 300 recipes for the dish, but...

Frost and drought causing widespread shortages in Spanish vegetable crops

FROSTS across Spain are causing widespread shortages of vegetables with suppliers scrambling to find alternatives to avoid a repeat of last year's crisis. The January...

More Spaniards ditching fruit and vegetable after prices begin to rocket

Stores estimate that fruit and vegetable consumption has plummeted 40% since a cold snap at the start of the year drove up costs

How ‘green’ is your valley?

Natasha Were ventures into the wilds of the Andalucian campo to find out, first-hand, whether ‘eco-living’ is a sustainable dream

Autumn vegetables set to thrive in wetter weather

As autumn draws in, new fruits and vegetables come into season

Only the best, naturally at Andalucia’s largest organic supermarket

Supermarket Chiplino Natural opens in Benahavis

Spanish farmers at war with French over cheap peaches

The French accused Spanish growers of 'dumping' low-cost fruits in their stores

Organic produce packs twice the health benefits

Food researches at the University of East Anglia say organic produce is higher in antioxidants

Get your SEVEN-a-day

Extra veggies can reduce heart disease risk, study shows

Spanish vegetable shortage

Adverse weather along Spain's east coast has led to a shortage of vegetables, producers have warned

Sotogrande’s port of discovery

Andalucia’s most exclusive enclave certainly has its fair share of restaurants, writes Jon Clarke

Spain turns tomatoes into blueberries

Fruit companies' form partnership to make sector more valuable

Tats how to do it

It’s the time of year to put your potatoes (and other vegetables) into storage... but it’s not as simple as that, as James Bryce discovers

Kids’ choice in vegetables leads to cleaner plates discover Spanish researchers

Children allowed to choose their own vegetables are more likely to eat their greens

Organic food is good for you

Spain is the ninth biggest organic food producer in the world, but it is near the bottom for consumption

Freak Spanish rainfall now costs UK groceries

Record rainfall has not only proved costly for Andalucia

Go herbal this summer

Summer garden tips





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