ADVERSE weather along Spain’s east coast has led to a shortage of vegetables, producers have warned.

Severe flooding throughout Murcia and Almeria in September and October hampered the planting effort. Then torrential rain and freezing temperatures in November badly affected the growing process.

The shortage has led to an increase in prices, with broccoli and cauliflower soaring to over €2 per kilo.

Artichoke and iceberg lettuce prices have also risen, according to exporter Verafruta.

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  1. Spanish vegetables in the supermarkets here are usually of really poor quality whether they are in short supply or not .. I worked with a guy in Murcia who was in charge of logistics for a large fruit and veg export firm and he said the best quality produce went to the UK and German supermarkets as they paid the most and the rubbish was left on the shelves here ..

  2. Jane Love is absolutely correct.

    For many years the best produce has been exported to Ireland, U.K and other Europeans, with the poorer quality ending up in Mercadona, Lidl, Aldi.

    Only Carrefour appear to be able to source good quality produce.

  3. go to the mercados and independent fruit shops….great prices and great selections…the chains offer some good quality and some of the highest priced garbage…same goes for the meats…I used the chain stores for non perishable goods, etc…for the real Spanish fresh stuff…go to the mercados

  4. I’m confused, is this article about last year’s weather or this year, since November is mentioned I suspect last year.

    Artichokes are an established crop but the rest are not. In fact lettuce is cut every 6 weeks max, so how can last year’s weather be part of the cost equation.

    I try not to buy most Spanish veg or fruit (except olive oil)since a lot of banned chemicals are routinely used in their production.

    Fred – how can you be so wrong – it’s sunny everywhere in Spain all the time.

  5. You’d be a fool to think it’s sunny ALL year in Spain. Lanzarote, Tenerife maybe..
    But while we have our torrential storms, the odd flash flood down the ramblas and colder in winter, on the whole it’s 1000% better than where we used to live in the uk most of the year.

    Haven’t we had a SIX MONTH solid summer so far? and it’s STILL nice! (actually don’t speak too soon…)

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