ANDALUCIA has exported more agricultural goods this year than ever before with sales reaching €5.9 billion in the first five months.

The southern peninsula now leads the agri-food market in Spain, contributing almost one in four euros (24.1%) to national sales (€24.6 billion).

One of the biggest reasons for the 4.9% growth is down to a huge increase of export companies, which has grown by 20.2% year-on-year, taking the total number of export markets to 3,125, according to Extenda-Andalucia Exportation and Foreign Investment (Extenda).

Fruits and Veggies e

Europe tops the chart as the main destination for Andalusian agriculture exports. However, Asian destinations are also thriving, with China the third fastest growing market (+18.9%) in this period (January-May).

It comes as no surprise that vegetables and fruit were the biggest drivers for the market, with sales of €1.8 billion and €1.6 billion respectively. Followed by olive oil at €1 billion.

That said, meat, fish and horticulture were the sectors that grew the most in the five-month period, with plants and flowers topping the chart, at 35%.

Arturo Bernal, CEO of Extenda, expressed how ‘significant’ the growth is during a ‘difficult 2020’. 

“Andalucia has repeatedly reached figures that exceed all previous records, an incredible achievement, especially if we take into account the difficulties of this year,” he added.


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