The lonely Reina Sofia of Spain

LAST UPDATED: 23 Jun, 2014 @ 12:49
The lonely Reina Sofia of Spain

THE Queen of Spain is ‘the loneliest woman in Spain’ thanks to her husband’s philandering ways, according to a shocking new book.

‘The Solitude of the Queen’ claims that King Juan Carlos, 74, is a ‘professional seducer’ who has had affairs with film stars, translators and even tried it on with Princess Diana in 1987 – but has not shared a bed with his own wife, the 73-year-old Reina Sofia, for 35 years.

“The role of the queen is sad. She is a woman betrayed and hurt with a married life that has been a real tragedy,” said author Pilar Eyre – who has now been banned from TV channel Telecinco for writing the book.


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