How do they sleep?

LAST UPDATED: 17 May, 2012 @ 18:10
How do they sleep?

THE fraudsters who pose as lawyers to recover money lost by timeshare victims should frankly be ashamed of themselves.

Like those who prey on children or the elderly, these scumbags are trying to make a fast buck out of other people’s weakness.

By pretending to be of the law, innocent consumers will automatically trust them more easily – and the length they will go to ‘prove’ they are real is terrifying.

The worst thing of all is that, if duped successfully, their targets will find themselves out of pocket for a second time.

It is a wonder these con artists sleep at night.


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  1. Con men – like some serially corrupt politicos in many countries, have NO moral conscience – so they sleep better at night than most of us honest folks. Media – don’t waste your time/effort trying to make them feel “responsible or moral”. You’de be better off trying to get blood out of a stone.