Andalucians among unhappiest residents in Spain

LAST UPDATED: 24 Feb, 2013 @ 11:29
Andalucians among unhappiest residents in Spain

ANDALUCIAN city dwellers have some of the most dissatisfied residents in Spain, according to a survey.

Granada, Malaga and Sevilla all fared badly, with locals claiming their home towns lacked a basic quality of life.

The Organisation of Consumers and Users surveyed 5,500 people, with unemployment and health being the biggest concerns.

Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia did not do well either with residents in northern Spain among the happiest.


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  1. Residents would be “happier” if there was a 1 Billion Euro “Bailout” from the EU for each major Spanish city in the survey. Their local and regional officials will manage it properly… to the benefit of residents.