Leave my home alone!

LAST UPDATED: 2 May, 2013 @ 17:38
Leave my home alone!

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  1. The problem is you have a 4 bed in Stanmore. I lived there over 25 years ago, the Lady’s house must be worth £500k to £1 million, maybe more and they know that, zoopla etc. Buying off plan when prices are rising 10% PA seems like a good investment but thousands of these off plan properties in Spain are never finished, some have no planning permission before or after and the infrastructure is not finished much of the time, even down to no running water. If you really have to buy in Spain and not the costwolds!! give yourself a chance and buy one that has already been built that has an escritura and do not use the solicitor recommended by the estate agent. If the estate agent is not happy with this then there is probably a good reason. There are alot of risks when buying in Spain, you don’t need to look far to find this out.

  2. It’s nonsense because the thirty-two grand that was mentioned, was just a deposit, an option to buy. It wasn’t the buying cost of the apartment.

  3. very interesting case, we are in the same boat, bought an option from a lady for an apartment she bought off plan from Aifos Hippodromo. at that time, prices were going up 10% a year. so she pocketed €11,000 profit, and we started paying the installments for the 30% deposit.
    Aifos Hippodromo is in administration, the blocks has been built but never finished.
    Do we have a case against the lady we bought from?
    Just sent this article to our solicitors, will let you know.

  4. That will do fine Dino – basically you bring a claim against the person who sold on the contract if you need help speak to Tomas Aguera at Aguera-Arrebola.com he will help you

  5. Buying anything in Spain – from a house to a hammock is fraught with danger.

    Why? Simply because it’s Spain and there is a totally different attitude towards honesty and truth – and the law courts are a joke.

    You may be lucky – but many are not!
    If you don’t like danger, stay in the UK!

  6. Maria Jones,
    I prefer France. You can buy into a lousy old house that will cost a fortune to rebuild but that’s down to plain stupidity by those who refuse to admit they know nothing about construction and are too mean to pay for someone to warn them off.

    However it is impossible to buy an illegally built house because any attempt at building without permits will result in a visit by the gendarmes to arrest you on day two.

    BTW I know all about Spanish law and how judgements can and are bought and paid for.

  7. stay in uk its safe! love it, there are more stabbings and robbery in uk than most of the rest of europe put together.
    its easy, to buy in spain you need to stick to buying exactly that, buying off plan is buying an idea, if the idea doesnt raise the funds to finish the project, the developers bale and move on to the next one.
    Buy a house finished or unfinished, then it is up to you to finish it or not but you own it outright.
    Use a decent local lawyer who knows what is going on in the area as that is also crucial to a safe buy, a remote lawyer will not know the area at all and so will be looking at the paperwork for the property without actually knowing anything about the surroundings or plans for airports or roads ect. they can also pop into the town hall and ask the town planner themselves, it will also be cheaper.
    if they mess up you can take your lawyer to court so they tend to be behave.
    stay away from over developed areas, higher maintenence fees for a start and a lot more change of them have been built semi legally.

  8. T: Interesting statement about stabbings and robberies in the U.K. as opposed to the rest of Europe. Can you back it up with genuine statistics? Or is it just a Daily Mail-type allegation?

  9. “if they mess up you can take your lawyer to court”

    t, what happene if YOU mess up? You give plenty of advice, together with some very spurious generalistions.

    So what happens if someones takes you seriously (unlkely I know), follows your advice to the letter, and it all goes pear-shaped?

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