Ridley Scott tours Andalucía

LAST UPDATED: 21 Jun, 2013 @ 13:20
Ridley Scott tours Andalucía

ENGLISH film director and producer Ridley Scott is looking to Andalucía for locations for an upcoming film.

The director of such well-known films as Blade Runner and Thelma & Louise used Malaga as his base as he travelled the Andalucían coast from Cadiz to Almeria.

Invited by the Andalucía Film Commission, he toured the region by helicopter, flying over Malaga, Granada and Cadiz.

He is not new to the area, having filmed scenes in and around Sevilla for a few of his films in the past.

Reportedly, Scott showed a particular interest in La Alcazaba, one of Malaga’s city monuments, citing its unusual architecture.

With the help of the Film Commission, Scott successfully stayed out of the spotlight throughout his visit. All information about the director’s new film is confidential.


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  1. Help!
    I have a blockbuster science fiction film idea that I would like to submit to Ridley Scot:

    I am based in Germany but also have a house in Andalucia.

    Any chance of recieving his email????

    Gomer Evans (proofessional composer) Google me!!!


    Gomer Evans