Spanish train driver received three warnings to slow down

LAST UPDATED: 2 Aug, 2013 @ 17:31
Spanish train driver received three warnings to slow down

TRAIN driver Francisco Jose Garzon ignored three warnings to slow down before crashing and killing 79 people.

Investigators say the driver train received three warnings to reduce speed in the two minutes before the train hurtled off the tracks.

A court statement on Friday says the driver was talking on the phone to a colleague when he received the first automatic acoustic warning in his cabin of a sharply reduced speed zone ahead.

Forensic tests show the last warning came just 250 meters before a dangerous curve where the accident occurred. At that point, the train was going 195 kph when the speed limit was 80 kph.

The train derailed at 179 kph.

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  1. Doesn’t make sense. How or why, would an experienced train driver, deliberately ignore such important warnings? This article does not say whether or not this evidence came from the black box. Did it?