Spain still the top golf destination in Europe

LAST UPDATED: 24 Oct, 2013 @ 13:29
Spain still the top golf destination in Europe

THE Costa del Sol is still the most attractive golf tourism destination among European golfers, a recent survey has revealed.

More than 12% of golfers from the UK, France and Scandinavia have visited the region in the past 12 months, according to Reed Travel Exhibitions.

In total, 28% of participants have played golf in Spain over the past year.

The survey also revealed the average golfer holidays for seven days, and spends and average €200 per day.

Those visiting from Britain spend below average, €10, while the Scandinavians splash out a hefty €230 per day.

Other popular destination for European Golfers include Portugal (17%), Great Britain (16,1%) and Turkey (7,1%).


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