Skyping Santa

LAST UPDATED: 9 Dec, 2013 @ 13:51
Skyping Santa

A NEW app will allow children of any ages to Skype with Santa – though at €12 a go it may be easier to send a letter up the chimney.

The app, called ‘Hello Santa’, will let kids give Father Christmas their wish list personally, even if it is via the internet.

The app also records a video of the call with Santa, so that kids can have a keepsake of the conversation.

Company CEO Dorian Collier said, “My son is used to using FaceTime with family, and a few months ago he asked ‘Daddy, can I call Santa?’ After not finding a good company offering this service at scale we decided to jump in with both feet.”

“The plan is for Make Believe Labs to use the platform – scheduling, calling, recording – with other characters.”


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