Malaga prisoner to be freed in Easter procession

LAST UPDATED: 10 Apr, 2014 @ 14:12
Malaga prisoner to be freed in Easter procession

A MALAGA inmate will be set free from Alhaurin de la Torre prison this Easter Wednesday, as part of the annual Nuestro Padre Jesus El Rico procession.

Every year a criminal is pardoned during Semana Santa but their identity is not revealed.

This year a 30-year-old man in the first year of a three year sentence for causing bodily harm will be allowed to walk away and re-start his life.

When he entered prison in November he left behind a wife, a son and a job, claiming his crime was a ‘mistake’ and that the jail sentence would ‘wreck’ his life.

Throughout Spain 19 inmates will be pardoned this Easter. This is a tradition dating back to 1759 and King Carlos III.

When the plague hit Malaga many prisoners died, but those surviving believed if they could carry the image of Christ through the streets they would be saved.

When this was denied, many broke out of prison, did it anyway and then returned to their cells.

The story goes that the plague subsequently vanished from Malaga and when King Carlos heard, he ordered that every year when the image of Christ passes the prison in the Easter procession an inmate should be freed.


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