Gang of bogus doctors performed ‘backstreet abortions and surgeries’

LAST UPDATED: 4 Jul, 2014 @ 17:45
Gang of bogus doctors performed ‘backstreet abortions and surgeries’

POLICE have busted a Chinese gang of bogus doctors carrying out backstreet abortions, surgery and dentistry in filthy home clinics.

Piles of human teeth, pills and unsterilized forceps and dental tools were all found during the raids in Madrid.

Shockingly, a number of those treated by the fake doctors were young children.

Eight suspects have been detained and six ‘clandestine medical clinics’ have been shut down in the southern Usera district, which is home to a large Chinese community.

Police also brought charges against two others for crimes against public health and unlicensed professional activity, in the year-long operation.

“They offered gynaecological, paediatric and dental consultations among other specialities, and even carried out surgical operations and abortions in private homes lacking the required hygiene and security conditions,” according to a police statement.

The gang was exposed by a previous patient, who paid more than €3,500 for a number of visits after experiencing stomach pains.

The doctor made the man believe he had hepatitis by faking his blood-tests and charged him an extortionate amount for treatment.

The ‘doctors’ targeted their services at the Chinese community, advertising their services in local media.

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  1. No surprise. This is what happens when a free, universal health service is not offered to all, under the guise of “fairness”.