Artist compiles photographs of Valencian painted pigeon-racing tradition

LAST UPDATED: 1 Oct, 2014 @ 16:06
Artist compiles photographs of Valencian painted pigeon-racing tradition

THE quirky Spanish tradition of painted pigeon-racing has been captured by an Alicante artist.

Ricardo Cases’ collection of photographs, Paloma al Aire, looks at the people behind the polychrome pigeons, closely examining racing pigeon culture in Valencia and Murcia.

Cases has a reputation for his gritty photographic studies of human life.

The collection features one man precariously climbing a wall in search of his lost bird, another crouching as a flock of luminous pigeons fly towards him.

Interspersed throughout the action shots, Cases places static shots of men cradling their prize possession.

In a tribute to one of Spain’s more obscure sports, Cases captures a true picture of Spanish life.


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  1. There you go inthename, the answer to your Gibraltar toxic balloon release. These guys can sort some red and white doves/pigeons for a patriotic, non-harmful show. It even makes an opportunity for entrepreneurial hat-sellers, or brollies. All red and white of course.