THE latest incursion of a Spanish survey vessel into Gibraltar’s territorial waters has led to reiterated condemnations of Spain’s maritime behaviour as it endangered lives.

Executive actions taken by the ‘Angeles Alvarino’ vessel were denounced as ‘dangerous’ and ‘irresponsible’ as well as useless challenges to UK sovereignty after it refused to follow the Royal Navy’s orders to leave.

The ship sent out probes to ‘take samples’ of the reef at Europa Point, one of which fell onto a Royal Navy inflatable boat that had gone to investigate the defiant vessel.

“Gibraltar continues to be at the receiving end of Spanish bullying and harassment,” said Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.

“Nothing is achieved except needlessly risking mariners’ lives and wasting precious euros on diesel.”

Europe minister, David Lidington, expressed ‘grave concerns’ to Spain’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and pointed out the unlawfulness of the event.

He said: “Under no circumstances should Spanish vessels be provoking a situation that could result in serious injury or a fatality.”

There are plans to take more robust action to stop such occurrences in the future.


  1. Reap ‘Tell us more stories about having your cup of tea by the beach.’
    Unfortunately I’m not doing that today Reap no.
    Damn! Brought down once more after reading a comment.

    Shoot them all down everybody!

    ‘English Lindsie’ a new nutcase on here now too. Gibraltar – ENGLISH. That says it all. Cockney accent by any chance? Enjoy your fish n chips and cheap duty free goods.

    Have you driven down the WELCOMING roads towards ‘strategically positioned’ Gibraltar. WHAT THE HELL is this place??!!

  2. The fact of the matter is Gibralter is inhabited by mainly British – which is why they do not want to become part of mainland Spain. Under British rule, the people of Gibralter have security. Spain is corrupt – every week either in local or national government someone is being investigated / arrested because they are lining their own pockets! Even the royal family have been under investigation!! Gibralter is thriving because it is under BRITISH rule – if the spanish took over it would crumble – as has mainland spain. The British on Gibralter KNOW that if they were governed by spain they would incur unjust taxes and the spanish government would those on the island to subsidise the spanish – how many times has spain been condemned by the EU because it doesn’t follow it’s directives – e.g inheritance tax for non-resident home-owners. I HATE Spain and it’s people.!! scum of the earth – I lived there for 14 years and the spanish just saw us as a means to make money and con us. I am at the moment writing a book – and it isn’t “driving over lemons” – but a condemnation of the corrupt way of life here and I sincerely hope that NO more Britains move here, invest here and contribute to this country’s economy – the spanish HATE the English – and the sooner we realise that the bettter!!

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