Ready meals to bring in the cash

LAST UPDATED: 15 Oct, 2014 @ 15:30
Ready meals to bring in the cash

EUROPEAN ready meal sales are set to be worth more than €40 billion within the next two years as people look to save money and time.

The sector – currently valued at €30.5 billion – is set to soar by 12% by 2016, according to food and drink research company Food for Thought.

Spain makes up 12% of the market share, with the UK, Germany and France accounting for a massive 60% of the European market.

Chilled ready meals will see the largest sale increase (3.7%), with frozen (2.6%), canned (1.9%) and dehydrated (1.3%) meals increasing at a slower rate.


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  1. The reason this junk is inexpensive is because the “food” is packed with salt, sugar and fat. All dirt-cheap ingredients with highly dubious nutritional value.
    “Cheap is dear” as my old granny was wont to say.