Spain to probe Paris gunman’s Madrid stay

The Paris gunman spent four days in Madrid before travelling to France

LAST UPDATED: 15 Jan, 2015 @ 16:12
Spain to probe Paris gunman’s Madrid stay

A HIGH Court judge has opened up an investigation into Paris gunman Amedy Coulibaly’s stay in Madrid days before last week’s terrorist attacks.

A statement on behalf of Judge Eloy Velasco confirmed there will be a probe into Coulibaly’s visit to the capital with his partner Hayat Boumeddience and a ‘third person who may have helped her reach Syria’.

Coulibaly was shot dead by police after he killed four Jewish men in a siege at a kosher supermarket in Paris on January 9. He also killed a police officer the day before the siege.

He reportedly stayed in Madrid between December 30 and January 2 before heading to France.

Spanish authorities are now working with French intelligence to determine if there is a terror network operating in the country.

According to Spanish authorities some 70 Islamist fighters who went to conflict zones such as Syria and Iraq returned to Spain in 2014.

Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz said in a recent interview that a dozen more have returned to Spain since the beginning of 2015.


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