Madrid resignations spark crisis in Podemos ranks

Nine councillors resign as internal battle threatens to disrupt Pabo Iglesias's party

LAST UPDATED: 11 Mar, 2016 @ 09:39

NINE Podemos councillors have resigned from Madrid’s regional council.

The resignations come after the party officials declared their lack of support for Podemos’s Madrid leader Luis Alegre.

DIVIDED: Iglesias's party hit by resignations
DIVIDED: Iglesias’s party hit by resignations

The party’s organisation secretary, Emilio Delgado, had stepped down the day before.

Alegre is viewed by the Podemos councillors who have resigned as being too closely aligned to national leader Pablo Iglesias.

The nine councillors who resigned have pledged their allegiance to party number two, Inigo Errejon.

In a tweet directed to Errejon, Iglesias said: “There is something that they will never forgive us for, Errejón: not being like them. It is an honor to be secretary general with you by my side, buddy.”

Errejon replied: “Bad news for those seeking excuses for the great restoration coalition: [we are] with Pablo Iglesias, shoulder to shoulder,” wrote Errejón.

The disagreement is thought to have arisen over Spain’s ongoing political impasse.

Podemos had originally appeared open to a left-wing alliance with Pedro Sanchez’s PSOE but went cold on the idea after Sanchez made a pact with Albert Rivera’s Ciudadanos.


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