Uber makes a comeback in Spain as UberX

Second chance for Uber

LAST UPDATED: 1 Apr, 2016 @ 22:43

uber no graciasBANNED mobile-phone app Uber has relaunched its taxi service in Spain.

Under the new guise of UberX, the latest version of the app is currently only available in Madrid.

Much like the traditional Uber app, which operates in many countries around the world, UberX allows passengers to locate nearby taxis.

However, unlike the original app, UberX only links passengers to professionally licensed drivers.

Europe director, Carles Lloret claimed that UberX could save Spanish passengers up to 40% on cab fares.

He added that ‘making the app took a long time as Spain has the most restrictive laws in Europe’.

Uber was shut down in Spain after a judge ruled that it breached trade laws.


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