Female bullfighter Cristina Sanchez returns to ring for charity after 17-year break

44-year-old slays 317th bull in Madrid to raise money for cancer research

LAST UPDATED: 2 Sep, 2016 @ 12:01

BACK IN THE RING: Cristina Sanchez returns
BACK IN THE RING: Cristina Sanchez returns

SPAIN’S most famous female matador has resurrected her cape and suit of lights to raise money for charity.

Cristina Sanchez, became a household name in the early nineties, daring to go into a ring where no woman had gone before, subsequently triumphing as a fully fledged matador in Madrid in May 1996.

Now, after a 17-year-long break, she has slain her 317th bull, for the benefit of Niño Jesus Hospital, in Madrid, with the funds going towards childhood cancer research.

The 44-year-old fought the bull, gracefully, being honoured with two ears at the end of the fight, as is the tradition.

Cristina, from Madrid, has two teenage sons and a husband, Antonio.


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