Madrid anti-austerity march protestors call for government to raise salaries and pensions

Crowd of 30,000 packs Spanish capital to fight PP measures

LAST UPDATED: 19 Dec, 2016 @ 17:02

THOUSANDS of protesters have marched through Madrid to demonstrate against government austerity cuts.

The 30,000-strong rally was organised by Spain’s two main trade unions, the UGT and the CCOO.

UNITED: 30,000 protestors march against government cuts
UNITED: 30,000 protestors march against government cuts

Protestors demanded a rise in wages and pensions, with around 60 smaller demonstrations recently organised by unions across Spain.

Josep Maria Alvarez, the UGT’s Secretary-Genera, said: “These demonstrations will continue if necessary. It depends on the government’s ability not only to discuss, but also to negotiate and make agreements.

Many people and students can’t live like this anymore and that is why we are here protesting. We have to keep taking to the streets.”

It is the first major protest against the government since Mariano Rajoy’s PP party retook power in November after two general elections.


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  1. Podemos will miss this current opportunity, too, because of their current internal leadership battle over which of their party bosses will be the most ideologically rigid in that ‘retro’ non-democratic way that Spanish politicians do so well.