‘Blood-soaked’ protest calls for end of bullfighting in Spain ahead of Fallas celebrations

Younger generations are questioning the long-standing Spanish tradition

LAST UPDATED: 14 Mar, 2017 @ 10:29

GRA107. VALENCIA, 12/03/2016. Un grupo de activistas durante la protesta realizada esta mañana en la plaza del Ayuntamiento por los toros que "perderán la vida" en Fallas. EFE/Manuel Bruque
ANIMA NATURALIS: “The Fallas are soaked in blood”

IT served as a gory reminder of the long-standing Spanish tradition which divides Spanish opinion.

On Sunday, a group of animal rights activists stood in front of Valencia’s town hall calling for an end to bullfighting.

This comes just days before the Fallas festival, where bullfighting forms a part of the celebrations.

The protest culminated in each participant pouring a bucket filled with fake blood over themselves.

“The Fallas are soaked in blood”, each container read.

Carmen Moll, a spokesperson for animal rights group Anima Naturalis said: “We are enjoying the festivities of the Fallas, but at the same time bull runs are taking place at the bullfighting fair.”






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  1. With a strong left-wing administration now in place in Valencia, there is a good chance progress toward a cruelty-free society will be made there. Like Barcelona, their bullring would convert admirably to a shopping/entertainment centre. It wouldn’t need subsidies either, as bull-baiting does.