The Amorphophallus, currently in bloom in Estepona's Orquidarium
The Amorphophallus, currently in bloom in Estepona’s Orquidarium

THE tallest flower in the world has blossomed for the first time in Spain.

The suitably-named phallic looking Amorphophallus orchid, which is three metres tall, has burst into flower at Estepona’s Orchidarium.

Visitors are now flocking to the centre to see the green and pink flower, which is expected to only stay in flower until early tomorrow.

Manuel Lucas, curator of the orchidarium said: “It is a truly striking event because there has never before been a documentation of the flowering of this flower in our country.

“We don’t believe that it will flower again for two to three years.”

Once dead, staff removed the flower to preserve the bulb and expect it to be even taller next time it blossoms.

The orchidarium contains over 1,300 types of orchids from around the world and is the biggest of its kind in Europe.

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