New ‘community police force’ and segways for cops announced by Calvia town hall for the summer

Some 40 lifeguards will watch the waves

LAST UPDATED: 5 May, 2017 @ 15:30

segway-copsCOPS in Magaluf will be patrolling its beaches using segways this summer. 

It comes after Calvia town hall presented its beach security plans for the season on Wednesday.

There will be four new segways and two quad bikes patrolling the stretch of sand between Magaluf and Palmanova.

There will also be a ten-strong new community police force with a sole responsibility for beach security, with at least four on duty at one time.

Some 40 lifeguards will watch the waves, with a small fleet of rescue ribs, two rescue vessels and two lifeguards on boats patrolling the waters.


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