BREAKING: Exit polls in UK election suggest hung parliament in disaster for Theresa May

It could spell trouble for Theresa May

LAST UPDATED: 8 Jun, 2017 @ 23:47

EXIT polls for the UK election suggest there will be a hung parliament.

As polls closed at 10pm UK time, final projections have predicted the Conservatives will win just 314 seats, 12 short of the 326 needed to form a government.

Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, is predicted to win 266 seats, an increase of 34.

The Liberal Democrats, who promised a second Brexit referendum, are projected to win 14 seats.

UKIP are projected to be wiped out, with polls suggesting they will pick up 0 seats.

If the polls are accurate, the Conservatives will not have enough seats to form a government.

The Lib Dems have vowed in the last hour that they will not form any coalitions as ‘both Labour and Conservatives are pushing for a hard Brexit,’ according to the party’s president Baroness Brinton.

Labour’s Emily Thornberry refused to confirm whether the party would consider forming a progressive alliance and said we must ‘wait and see’ the final results.

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