THE Conservatives have failed to reach an overall majority in the snap UK general election.

In a shocking result, incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May will fall short of the 328 seats needed to form a government.

With around 17 seats still left to be declared, Labour have won 258 seats to the Conservatives’ 306.

The Liberal Democrats have won 12 seats while UKIP were wiped out, gaining 0 seats.

There are now calls for May to resign after her decision to call the election has massively backfired.

Hopes of a Tory landslide were dashed early on as it became clear that ex-UKIP voters were not automatically voting blue as predicted.

In a dramatic night, several Conservative ministers lost their seats, including Ben Gummer, who helped write the brexit manifesto.

Housing minister Gavin Barwell lost in Croydon Central and Jane Ellison lost her 8,000 majority in Battersea.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd held onto her seat in Hastings by around 250 votes after having two recounts.

The Conservatives may be able to form a government if they can form a coalition with Northern Ireland’s DUP.

May has now returned to Downing Street.

After winning her seat in Maidenhead, the PM said ‘whatever the results are, the Conservative party will do its duty to ensure stability.’

Corbyn has called for her resignation.

More to follow..



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