Mallorca all-inclusive tourists to have booze restricted as officials fight back

New restricitons agreed between police and politicians aim to tackle loutish behaviour

LAST UPDATED: 5 Jul, 2017 @ 14:58

BRITISH and other tourists on all-inclusive package holidays in Mallorca would have their alcohol consumption restricted, it has been announced.

SHAME: German thugs fight near Arenal

The move was revealed at showdown talks in Palma on Wednesday morning between tourism and government officials following a string of negative stories about drunken holidaymakers.

Hotels supplying Brits with all-you-can-drink booze would be limited under new regulations covered by the island’s Tourism Law.

The meeting saw officials from the Balearic Islands government, Calvia, Palma and Llucmajor town halls meet with local, national and Guardia Civil police as well as local businesses and hoteliers.

“We have to carry out each and every action necessary to put an end to this type of tourism,” said one official.

In the past week, British and German thugs have been filmed fighting in Magaluf and El Arenal, with local business leaders reaching the end of their tether.

Yesterday, Palma mayor Antoni Noguera begged German tour operators not to send ‘trash tourism’ to the island.


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  1. I’ve enjoyed all inclusive holidays as a parent they save you a fortune when you have kids. BUt i alos get to see how idiots also spoil it by pure gluttony with both booze and food so fully understand this concept being now limited.