Catalan anti-tourist campaigners target Mallorca restaurant popular with holidaymakers

Around 20 campaigners rush Palma venue and let off smoke flares

LAST UPDATED: 2 Aug, 2017 @ 13:37

ANTI-tourism activists have published a video of themselves targeting a Mallorca restaurant popular with holidaymakers.

The group, Arran Paisos Catalans, invaded the restaurant in Palma’s Moll Vell before letting off flares and unveiling anti-tourism banners, one reading ‘Tourism Kills Mallorca’.

Around 20 campaigners, some wearing masks, rushed into the joint Mar de Nudos, with one woman seen showering diners in confetti.

A spokesperson for the group, the youth wing of the radical CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy), said the campaign aimed ‘to raise awareness about elite tourism’.

A message accompanying the video, filmed on July 22, said the group wants to ‘paralyse the massive tourism that destroys Mallorca and that condemns the working class of the Catalan people to misery’.

Restaurant owner Carmen Sánchez said her customers, many of them foreign tourists, were ‘very troubled’ by the protest.

The group has previously filmed itself vandalising tourist buses and bicycles in Barcelona.


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  1. Too many people on planet Earth! Anthropologist call these social movements “revitalization movements”. When population density increases, many people want to “go back” to a time when life was “better”. Brexit, Trump, ISIS, migrations, and wars are all symptoms of an increasingly crowded planet..