BANNED: The deadly lethal painkiller now faces a class action lawsuit of €500 million following expat deaths

A CLASS action lawsuit of €500 million has been filed against the manufacturers and distributors of the deadly drug Nolotil.

Palma de Mallorca-based international law firm De Micco and Friends are collectively representing over 200 individual Nolotil victims who are claiming damages.

Nolotil victims are able to register for legal help for free on the De Micco and Friends website, with just a few personal details and a description of the case.

The firm say on their website: “This firm will represent the interest group in the class action lawsuit, as well as the individual claimants.”

The lethal painkiller is believed to be responsible for the deaths of dozens of expats and was banned for tourists in Spain last week after a near two-year investigation by the Olive Press.

The Spanish Medicine Agency (AEMPS) finally issued a directive to all healthcare bodies to stop giving the drug to British and Irish tourists.

Expats living in Spain will also only be administered Nolotil on a short term prescription, and after a detailed analysis of the patient’s medical history and heritage.

It will also have to be much more closely monitored.

Medical translator, Cristina Garcia del Campo, who has worked tirelessly for months to pull together hundreds of case studies from victims and the petition for the AEMPS’ probe, said she was ‘very happy’ the authorities have finally reacted.

Following the shocking results of her rigorous investigation she demanded that the drug must not be sold without a prescription and a detailed patient analysis.

“I am very happy that the problem has been acknowledged and dealt with,” she told the Olive Press.

“I will be making sure that the AEMPS recommendations are carried out and if necessary make sure it’s banned completely.”

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