Sunday, February 25, 2018

Payback time for banks after Supreme Court ruling

100,000 British investors could be in line for a payout

The Podemos path: The Spanish Supreme Court also steers to the Left

Thousands of Spanish consumers probably owe Podemos recognition

Let’s be friends: Lawyers and opposing counsel

How good relations with opposing counsel can be advantageous

Offshore companies and the Panama Papers

Fallout of Panama Papers has got the world’s attention… but what exactly does it mean?

The tax nobody pays in Spain

The curious case of Tax on Rental Contracts

Thousands of life insurance policies could be voided

Supreme Court rules life insurance bond for investment could be declared void

I don’t bequeath it!

Do 40,000 Andalucian families really move to Madrid each year for inheritance tax reasons?

Starting a business in Spain

Seven things you should know about starting a business in Spain: S.L. or going self-employed

Creative law making in Spain

The 11-month property rental contract is a case in point

Nigel Goldman: Justice at last

Convicted fraudster could serve time in UK and Spain

Divorce and separation in Spain: What happens to the family home?

The family home - whether jointly or privately owned by one partner - becomes the asset that is the subject of the greatest disputes

Bribery in communities of owners in Spain

According to consumer organisations, 30% of owners communities’ managers are demanding commissions from contractors and supplier companies

Calling lazy lawyers and legal eagles into question in Spain

Redress against negligent lawyers and their insurers - also applicable to notaries, registrars and procurators - is not new

Paying your taxes in Spain

Failing to declare taxes on time is no laughing matter

Mind your language!

Mouthing off in Spain is putting your foot in it big-style when the law intervenes, writes Antonio Flores

Knowledge is power

Our legal go-to Antonio Flores reveals all you need to know about Spain’s money merchants

Rothschild interrogated

Lawyer Antonio Flores looks on as court resumes murky Rothschild investigation

Where there’s a will…

There’s a new way… as new EU regulations come into play

Neighbours from hell?

Antonio Flores explains how to deal with the world’s worst neighbours

Law by numbers

Lawyer Antonio Flores casts a whimsical eye over the latest judicial figures to hit the streets

Crying out for clarity

Lawyer Antonio Flores delves into the murky world of inheritance tax and how it affects expats

Commission? Think again

Antonio Flores argues that Real Estate agents are not entitled to commission for registering a client with a property owner or developer

Cautious celebration for Spain’s property market

Spain’s housing market is rallying, but there are still many legal loose ends to be tied, writes Antonio Flores


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