A SCHOOLYARD fight led to
tragedy when a boy died after
receiving a blow to the head.
Jordi R, 17, fell and hit his
head against a wall at the
Santa Coloma de Farners agricultural
school in Gerona on
October 5.

Eye witnesses claim the boy
was pushed by a classmate,

cannot be named for legal
reasons, after an argument.
He was taken to the city’s
Hospital Josep Trueta where
he died after suffering a cerebral
haemorrhage due to a
burst blood vessel a day later.
A hospital source said the
injuries received by the seventeen
year old were “excessive.”
Cataluña regional government
representative Ferrán Cordón
said the boy’s death was accidental.

“We are investigating the
causes of the argument that
led to this terrible accident. Its
consequences are far greater
than what was hoped for.
“We have to respect the suffering
of both of the families concerned.”

School psychologists were
called to offer counselling to
witnesses of the incident.

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