FOURTEEN schoolchildren had to receive medical treatment after suffering the effects of possible gas poisoning while travelling on a school bus.

The children, all aged between 14 and 16, were travelling to the Instituto de Educación de Secundaria school in Guadix from their homes in the village of La Peza on October 20 when they started to complain of stomach pains and headaches.

The driver

of the bus, which belongs to the transport company Maestra, immediately drove to a health centre in Guadix where the children received treatment.

Although all of the children showed signs of improvement, they were transferred to the Virgen de las Nieves hospital in Granada for further tests.

The children, who were all sitting at the back of the 50-seat bus, were all later discharged.
A spokesman for the health centre said: “The children all showed signs of possible gas intoxication. We took the decision to send them to Granada for tests.”

The results of the tests proved negative for carbon monoxide.

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