29 May, 2007 @ 13:53
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Raging Bull in brothel brawl


“Savage” former WBO champ Scott Harrison arrested for a second time in Alhaurin after fight

BOXER Scott Harrison and two friends have been arrested after attacking a trio of Spaniards with broken bottles and ashtrays.

Harrison, 30, was detained along with two other British nationals after a row turned vicious at the Oxigeno club on the outskirts of Alhaurin el Grande.
According to owner Francisco Gonzalez, the former WBO featherweight champ and his two friends fought like “animals”.

“They were savages, like animals,” he said. “They were smashing bottles and glasses and punching us around the head. He needs locking up.”

It is the second time Harrison has been arrested in Alhaurin in recent months. In October, the boxer was taken to prison for assaulting a policeman, after allegedly crashing his car and trying to rob another.

He was finally given bail of 28,000 euros after five weeks behind bars and faces a trial later this year.

The attack last week is perhaps more serious.

According to witnesses, Harrison and his two friends attacked two customers, smashing an ashtray into the neck of one of them, before turning on the club owner when he tried to break the fight up.

“Harrison and his friends were in the bar drinking,” said Gonzalez. “They were drunk. They got into a row with two of the customers, who were behaving themselves and minding their own business.

“One of the Brits plunged an ashtray into the neck of one of the men. It smashed and there was blood everywhere.

“Another customer tried to fight them off and they started to beat him. I jumped in to try to break up the fight and they set on me. They were punching and hitting us with bottles and glasses. They smashed my face in and knocked out a front tooth.

“Luckily, the police arrived quickly. The three of us went to hospital. I have had stitches to my lip and I need dental treatment.”

Another victim Rafael Saezmaza told how he and his friend had been enjoying a quiet drink in the bar.

“They turned nasty at about 4am. They were incredibly aggressive. One of them smashed a glass ashtray into my friend’s neck.

“I tried to fight them off and they beat me around the face, head and nose. I was in agony. My friend has serious injuries to his neck, head, knees and wrists.

“I was treated for cuts and wounds to my head and face.”

A spokeswoman for the Guardia Civil confirmed that Harrison and two others were arrested outside the Alhaurin el Grande brothel.

They have been released on bail after appearing before judges in Coin.

The 30-year-old boxer was stripped of his WBO super featherweight title last year after failing to turn up for a fight with Nicky Cook.

The Olive Press got exclusive pictures of the car Harrison smashed on the night of his first arrest last year. Police are still investigating the car.

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  1. i just came back from that town yesterday 2/1/13 i am amazed all this thing went on there. a brothel? fights? none of this is visible in the small town. since i came home i have read of colombian and romanian girls being tattooed with barcodes for their trade. apparently it is all legal.

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