Following the hard-hitting report into Spanish urban corruption, which paints a bleak picture of mayors and developers abusing human rights to make a fast buck, Brussels has openly criticised the ongoing situation in the country

AFTER a report claiming urbanisation in Spain is fuelled by avarice and greed, the European Parliament has voted in favour of a resolution that slams the excessive powers given by local authorities to building promoters.

With the backing of 327 MEPs, the European Parliamentary sitting concluded “rampant construction in Spain does not correspond with the real needs of the local population.”

Parliament in Strasbourg wants Spain to introduce clearer legislation over property rights.

The MEPs also believe independent commissions should be set up to deal with land disputes.

The resolution was undersigned by the report’s two authors – UK MEP Michael Cashman and Marcin Libicki, from Poland – as well as four Spanish EU representatives.

The authors of the original report, issued after a fact-finding mission to Spain, said they were “deeply troubled” by urban abuse in Spain and were “alarmed” by the arrogance of developers and their collusion with “greedy” town halls.

Politicians from Valencia, a region the EU singled out for its controversial land grab laws, reacted angrily to the resolution, claiming it “undermines Spanish authority.”

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