7 Aug, 2007 @ 08:15
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Britons largest minority in Andalucia


BRITISH nationals have overtaken Moroccans as the largest foreign population in Andalucia.

Figures released by Junta de Andalucia show 88,188 Britons now live in the region – compared to only 26,665 in 2000.

Around 65,000 Brits have made the coasts of Malaga and Almeria their home, with other sizeable populations on the Costa Tropical in Granada and inland Malaga.

There are 86,045 Moroccan nationals in the region with Romania having the third largest foreign population (52, 170).

There are a total of 527,000 foreign residents in Andalucia – 6.6 per cent of the region’s total population.


  1. The problem is the undesirable inmigrants, specially those who are always talking badly about the country that accepts them.
    Why don´t they go back to their country?

  2. Marcelo its because of a sense of charity. If they weren’t here to buy badly built property at ridiculous prices all the locals would be living without electricity, running water, metalled roads and would be riding donkeys. Or perhaps a country with 20% unemployment generally (not sector specifically), systemic corruption and is net receiver of EU funds, lets call that charity too, would like to GIVE ALL THE MONEY BACK and then send all the damn foreigners home and return the country to the Morrocans? What do you think? Perhaps if you had a university that ranked in the top 220 in the world you would know that.

  3. marcelo typifies the mentality of a country that has exchanged donkeys for BMWs and Mercedes based on the 3 trillion euros that have been invested by foreigners over the last 20 years. If all of them went back to their countries and they might yet do it sooner or later spain will be on the EU bankruptcy list for good and just temporarily as it is now anyway – wait for next year when spain will follow greece, italy, ireland, portugal into the bailout begging queue.
    It’s farcical that spain’s minister for “tourism” goes on a trip to EU countries begging them to start buying the 2 million empty shells that litter the country while there are people like marcelo in a majority. Everywhere in this country you hear “why do you come here”? Climate change could mutate spain into mirage in the desert and the unwanted foreigner will have left. The spanish wanted only their money anyway. Systemic xenophobia that is the culture of this part in particular of a parochial country that knows nothing about the wider world. In 40 years of world travel I have never met a spaniard travelling on his own anywhere outside a bullring………

  4. @Marcelo
    I personally wish i never had come here, i thought i was moving to Europe but Andalucia is North Africa. The only thing you have is the sun and that is the only thing you dont control because if you did you would 100% make a mess of that to. The Spanish need to wake up because their country is going to the dogs and they are complete denial that anything is wrong.

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