7 Aug, 2007 @ 08:12
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Junta stops 1,500 Alhaurin homes


THE regional government has vetoed plans to build a 1,500-home development on EU-protected land.

The town hall of Alhaurin el Grande wanted to build the Barranco Blanco estate five kilometres from the Malaga town.

However, the Junta de Andalucia put a stop to the plans on learning one and a half million square metres of green belt land would be destroyed.

The local water authority had also warned the homes would not have a guaranteed water supply had the development gone ahead.

The proposed housing estate would have expanded the town’s population by 28 per cent – breaking the new POTA laws.


  1. The Junta has been well aware of the landscape of Barranco Blanco for over 30 years when the land was first approved for development.

    Barranco Blanco has been designated urbanizable land since 1986 by the PSOE government. What happens now to the landowners who bought urbanisation land in good faith and have been taxed accordingly ever since. I have owned urbanizable land in this valley for 12 years.

  2. Tough titty! It would be appalling if such land were to be developed and it serves you right for being so greedy.

    I can’t believe how corrupt Spanish local government is. It’s about time it was abolished and the town halls were run direct from Brussels.

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