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New curse of Facebook

facebook party

Facebook Party

The new curse of Facebook sees 400 revellers trash a luxury 6.5million euro villa, steal 7000 euros of jewelry and throw the TV in the pool

Facebook Party 2By Jon Clarke and Giles Brown in Marbella

THE new curse of Facebook has struck on the Costas.

When Amanda Hudson agreed to let her daughter hold a 16th birthday bash at their 6.5m euro holiday home in Marbella she knew it was not going to be just jelly and ice cream.

But the last thing the real estate agent expected was for 400 revellers to turn up and proceed to turn the luxury villa into a gatecrashers party from hell.

That however, was before her daughter Jodie – a private school girl – announced the do on her page of social networking sites Bebo and Facebook.

Calling it “party of the year”, she posted the address on the sites and told ‘friends’: “Theres gone be a lot of alcohol an amazing DJ.”

To make things worse, the word somehow went around that the owners didn’t mind the seven-bedroom mansion being trashed because they were “getting divorced”.

Despite Jodie’s mother being present, teenagers from all over the Costa del Sol turned up on motorbikes and quad bikes.

The end result: aside from over 7,000 euros of missing jewelry, dozens of items – including a TV – thrown in the pool and half her wardrobe stolen, the house is now completely unlivable.

Police were eventually called by Jodie’s mother to frisk anyone leaving the house for other valuables.

A pair of squad cars arrived at just after midnight, as the party was in full swing.

“People scarpered in all directions, but the police managed to pull people over and search their bags and pockets, but it was already too late and a lot was gone,” said one partygoer.

“Somebody said that we were allowed to wreck the house because the birthday girl’s parents were getting divorced and there were kids behaving like gangsters from a rap video, throwing stuff around and smashing things.

“There were chairs, tables, even a TV in the pool”

The villa, that rents out for £4000 a week, was completely trashed and will now be unable to rent for this summer season.

“The place looked like a warzone,” Amanda told a friend. “All the bannisters have been broken. The walls are ruined, the carpets are destroyed, furniture is broken and it is going to take months to sort out.”

The house in the exclusive El Paraiso development has been on the market for 5.6m euros.

According to the family friend: “Amanda is still furious with her daughter. In fact she hasn’t spoken to her since that night”.

Jodie, who goes to an expensive school in exclusive Sotogrande, signs on as Fakin Hudson.

Last week she messaged a friend from her Bebo site: “There’s so much damage and clothes stolen. A lot of broken doors. people caight (SIC) having sex. I got punched by my mum for it and grounded until the summer. what a a BITCH!’

When contacted at the huge villa the mother refused to discuss the party. “I am not saying anything about that,” she said.


  1. I find your heading to this a bit sensational AND absurd – Facebook is not the curse it is not an entity or sentient – it is a tool only and the responsibility lies with those who use it.

  2. What is happening to The Olive Press? I was hoping the Rooney in Ibiza story was a one off but obviously this is the new direction for the newspaper. I would read the Sun if i was interested in this rubbish.

  3. I think you are all missing the point and need to get a sense of humour… any successful paper has to have a mix of stories, and as you will see this story featured prominently in The Telegraph and Times in the UK (very much the old fashioned upmarket broadsheets) as much as the Express and Sun… take a look at the other mix of stories in the paper, the Nurses story for example, the investigation on the tiger hunters or the excellent campaigns for the environment and you will see that there is plenty for everyone

  4. krazy, zodiac and alka seltzer… when are you going to use your real names? You sound like something out of the Dragon Festival spaced out tent.

    we are the Guardian of andalucia, and you all know that!

  5. I love the Olive Press and really enjoy reading the local news and great features you have but don’t want to see it ruined with these types of stories.
    I really didn’t understand what Wayne Rooney going to Ibiza has to do with Andalucía.

    ¿Have you ever been to the Dragon Festival?


  6. The above comment was not left by Mark Roulston. The IP address of the computer, based in Alhaurin el Grande, has been reported to its service provider, Iberbanda. The same as Alka Seltzer, who left threatening comments on the forum. Said comments were sent from a computer in Tijola.

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