3 Mar, 2009 @ 15:42
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Vicious attack on British woman in Estepona


Exclusive | By Pauline Olivera

A BRITISH woman has been knocked unconscious during a brutal attack in Duquesa Port. Maxine Daniels, 60, was hit over the head with a crowbar, after a night out with friends.

The author and medium, who lives in Estepona, had a brain scan after being left for dead in the popular port.

Unconscious for around ten minutes she awoke to discover her handbag had been stolen, along with her passport, money, bankcards and driving licence.

Left for dead

She told the Olive Press: “Someone tripped me from behind and I was then hit over the head with something very heavy, probably a crowbar.

“A couple of millimetres to the left of my temple and I would have been dead.”

Daniels, from London, managed to drive around the corner to some friends, who took her to the hospital.

She was told, after a brain scan, that fortunately there was no internal damage.

“However, they told me I was lucky to have survived the attack,” said Maxine, who is still traumatised and having nightmares.

The Olive Press has since learnt that there have been a number of other assaults in the port.

According to a member of Age Concern, who has been helping Maxine get a new passport, a couple have also been attacked.

The couple, who are believed to be Spanish, were attacked by an Eastern European gang of three apparently carrying a crowbar.

A British man was also assaulted in the same way, after allegedly catching a glimpse of the attackers.

He was so shaken by the assault he has now returned to the UK.


  1. I don’t care what anyone says, Police need to be on the streets and in Spain they are not. You see several of them pulling mopeds in for infringements, the odd car driving around but very seldom do you see them walking the streets ‘never at night that I have seen in the town where I live’ and that is where deterrent to crime is. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of problem with moped riders not having insurance and this needs to be tackled but we pay a lot of money to town halls now and there should be a substantial amount of that spent on the protection of the people and visitors to towns, in other words there should be more police on the streets and at night as well as during the day. I think town halls must see this as a way of saving money as it costs too much but I wonder on the amount of damage not having this security does to areas that protects people and visitors, Spain takes us and holiday makers for granted.

  2. I may be inaccurate here but I get the impression that someone may be making a little more out of this story:

    1) “After being left for dead in the popular port” – How does OP know this?
    2) “I was then hit over the head with something very heavy, probably a crowbar.” – How does Maxine know what she was hit with? Has she experience of being hit with various heavy implements?
    3) “Daniels, from London, managed to drive around the corner to some friends” – Left for dead and still able to drive. Bravo!!

    I am not making light of this obvious mugging, but unfortunately they happen the world over and it isn’t necessary to have such sensationalism.

    In my opinion only obviously.

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