From childhood, all children are taught to be law-abiding citizens.

While a few will always believe they are above the law, what are we to think – or do – when lawyers themselves ignore the rules.

That is the case today in Andalucia, where there is clear evidence that some lawyers – for financial gain – have blatantly and consistently ignored the laws of the land.

This has led to people innocently spending their life savings on dream homes that turn out to be illegal nightmares.

There can be only one course of action for such law-breakers. They must be taken to court for their wrongdoings, along with all other also involved.

And if found guilty, they must be punished.

Justice must be seen to be done, not just because expatriates who believed in the legal profession have been cheated, but because bent lawyers must not be allowed to flout their profession, and bring into question the whole of the Spanish legal system!

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  1. I often wonder if Spanish children are taught to be law-abiding citizens or is it because of “individualismo” that even from the most basic and petty level Spaniards continually flout regulations to suit themselves.

    Just spend a day driving on Spanish roads and you’ll know what I mean. Parking “normas” are always someone else’s problem.

    Step up a level to things related income and tax and you see a whole new level of slipping and sliding to beat the tax man – cash in hand is routine, even quite large and “respectable” organisations often insist on dealing in cash. Buy or sell a property and there is more than likely the “black money” to be paid or received.

    It seems that every level in Spanish society, stretching right up to the top, there is a bit of “wink, wink, nudge nudge” and don’t worry too much about the law. I don’t think you should single out the lawyers in particular. It’s more widespread than that…

  2. Justin’s comments are so accurate. Corruption runs from head to toe in Spain – it’s a way of life for them and it is even considered “normal”. It will be very difficult to change Spain’s attitude since the process is endemic to their society. It will never change.

    Having moved to Spain 6 years ago I am now in the process of moving back to the UK simply because Spain is so underhand in everything it does. I have now been conned and ripped off so many times in just about every aspect of living here, from property, to tax, to health and even mundane things like buying a car, getting an oven fixed and building work, that enough is enough. The climate is great, sure, but all this underhand behaviour and awful customer treatment is frustrating and makes everything else so difficult.

    Please, if you are considering Spain as a new home destination, think again! It’ll drive you nuts.

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