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WARNING. Don’t deal with this man

williams conman
BEWARE: Williams is untrustworthy

HE has left a trail of debts and broken dreams in his wake.

But now the shady business practices of alleged conman Wayne Williams are finally coming to an end.

An Olive Press investigation has uncovered that the former timeshare salesman owes up to half a million euros to a string of businesses, individuals and the tax man.

“He has left so many people high and dry”

Williams – who is 60 today – is one man to be avoided at all costs.

But luckily he will have to stay on his toes as a group of angry creditors are now attempting to bring him to justice.

“He has left so many people high and dry,” said Sigrid Foley, his former secretary from his building company Euro Metal Craft SL.

BEWARE: Williams is untrustworthy
TAKEN IN: More unsuspecting victims being schmoozed by Williams?
“Worst of all he is still out there and employing people that he has no intention of paying. He owes dozens of people thousands of euros.

“He takes deposits from people and then never shows up again. These are people who are now finding it hard to feed their families.”

The Olive Press has discovered Williams, from Tony Refail, Wales, has:

  • Failed to pay tax returns and IVA of over 200,000 euros since 1999
  • Failed to pay staff and creditors money they are owed
  • Skipped court hearings
  • Unlawfully sacked a string of personnel – including a female employee days after returning from maternity leave
  • Threatened former staff with physical abuse when they asked for money

This week, he tried to blame his debts on the economic downturn and lack of business.

He said: “Times are tough and I haven´t got enough money.”

But this attitude does not impress his legion of creditors, from the Costa del Sol to the Guadalhorce Valley, who say he has been working in this way for many years.

“He is what we call in Spain a ‘sin verguenza’, or utterly shameless,” said Salvador Sanchez of Puertas Lopez, a furniture company still owed over 3,000 euros by Williams.

“We met him three years ago and in all that time he has not paid a bill, not a bean.”

Now the group revealed how they have compiled a dossier of information on the Kent-born builder, who has lived in Spain since the 1990s.

While a number have already begun court proceedings against him, they are now looking to start a joint action.

One of the worst affected is Beatriz Vinolo Mezquita, who claims she was heartlessly sacked by Williams after she had returned from maternity leave.

While he claims she fiddled the books, she insists she is owed over 10,000 euros and was left high and dry with a new-born daughter to look after.

“He sacked me just when I needed the money the most. I had a child to look after and I had no idea how I was going to support myself,” said Beatríz.

“One of my fellow staff was also left short of money, but when he confronted Wayne he threatened to beat him up.”

Another company, Cristina Barquin SL, was left almost 5,000 euros out of pocket after Williams failed to pay for a warehouse he rented off them.

“This man has no shame whatsoever. After using my warehouse he just disappeared without a trace,” said boss Franciso Lucena Barquin.

Another company, which must remain nameless for legal reasons, revealed how it sold machinery to Williams, which he failed to pay for.

They took him to court but he never turned up. The judge embargoed the goods, but when a bailiff went to confiscate the equipment Williams had moved to a new workshop.

When asked about the machinery, Williams said he was “happy” to give it back, but when we explained that it had apparently disappeared, he replied: “Oh, it’s no longer my warehouse.”

He feigned honest incredulity. despite being unable to refue the accusations.

When approached at La Trocha’s popular Sunday market he said:”I can’t believe this – where am I going to find the money to pay back 200,000 euros to the Hacienda? What can I do?” he whined, at his stall selling potted metal plants.

“I have made less than 100 euros today. Of course I will try and pay back the taxman but it is tough.”

None of his creditors will be holding their breath.


  1. BEWARE WOMEN He has no scruples taking money
    from women, he did it to a friend of mine and then told her to her face that he wasn’t going to give it back to her
    because she had nothing in writing. What he doesn’t know is that in Spain you don’t need to have it in
    writing, it’s enough if you have a witness. I am the witness!!

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