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Amy probe demand

AN investigation has been demanded over a fax sent to the Irish authorities concerning the welfare of Amy Fitzpatrick, two years before she went missing.

The demands came from Irish newspapers following up on the Olive Press scoop about the “sad and lonely life of Amy” last issue.

According to the Irish Sunday Mirror the fax sent to the Irish ambassador insisted that her life was “in danger”

Sent by the mother of one of Amy´s friends the 1,100-word fax came with spine-chilling warnings concerning the safety of Amy who vanished on New Year’s Day last year in Mijas Costa.

Amy was 15 at the time. She had moved to Spain in 2004 with her older brother Dean, her mother Audrey and partner Dave Mahon.

Amy’s confidante insisted in the document that the teen was not happy and wanted to return to her dad.

The eerie statement was made over two years before Amy took a short-cut home from her friends’ home – never to be seen again.

“It is possible that she will disappear,” wrote the youngster’s friend on May 9, 2005. “Amy is scared for her own safety.”

The youngster spent a lot of time staying with school friends who lived nearby.

Her friend’s mum said Amy’s physical well-being was also a matter of concern.

She wrote: “Amy is very underweight and eats huge portions and often when at our house – she is hungry.

“The exception is the last two days when she is too anxious to eat.”

The document, which the Olive Press has a copy of, contains sensitive material “that needs to be investigated” demanded the paper.

Both Dave Mahon and mother Audrey Fitzpatrick strongly deny the claims in the letter, insisting Amy was healthy and the person who wrote the fax was “deranged”.

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. It is painfully obvious that both Amy’s mother and step-father are involved in her disappearance: directly or indirectly. Their role or “absence of” as parents and guardians is a fundamental part of this macabre puzzle. Witnesses, friends and family have openly claimed that care and concern “shone” by it’s absence, that this young girl was left to the throes of a lonely and chaotic existence, walking the streets in the early hours of the morning, often hungry and dishevelled looking, seeking smiles behind sleazy bar counters.. Unhappiness and loneliness were sadly a key part of her life and even though these two things might not have changed, with any help from her mother or step-father, it certainly could have been alleviated with some form of parental guidance: control, care and interest….the normal threads of motherhood in any part of the world.It is clear to me that the key to the puzzle lies within the walls of her Riviera home.

  2. it is my view the police dont care as it is apparent the mother didnt care, the answer is in her lifestyle but the question is why did a child have a life like this, why are the parent and steparent not investigated for neglect at the least , it is a crime to not have your child in school .
    why did this child sleep away from her home what was going on in this house to make her do this.
    why did the parents of other children who she stayed with not contact the authorities if they felt abuse and neglect had and was happening.spain is a child friendly country and this would have been investigated. I feel that these parents are involved too and should be investigated now.

  3. omdaisz amy im ur m8 raz memba mee omdisz plz cem back ill tll evry1 were yooh went if u dnt cme back plz i beg yooh amy ..x cme back they wonnt gve upp look every1 misses yooh.

  4. I am deeply disturbed also that the spanish and irish police have done nothing to find answers to this case.
    I know Amy’s Irish family and friends at home and in spain are fustrated by the lack of action by both the spanish and irish police.
    I have no doubt in my mind that Amy and her brother were neglected.
    I think Amy felt the brunt of this neglect because she wanted to go home to her dad in Ireland.
    We as internet users and members of the public have a duty to seek justice. To make our feelings known to the powers that be that we want justice for Amy’s sake and the good of all.
    The Olive Press made an honorable step forward by exposing this case maybe they might go one step more and shame the irish and spanish government into action.

    Today i will pray that right thinking people who read this will act and i will also pray for Amy and her safe return.


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