CONTROVERSIAL plans to build an airport in Antequera are gathering pace after an evaluation report revealed it could generate 810million euros in its first ten years.

The study by ACI Europe also claims that over six million travellers a year could be using the airport within ten years.

And for every million passengers, it claims 2000 jobs will be created.

The report has proposed five possible locations, with the favourite being in an area known as Los Llanos, north of the A-92, 11 kms from Antequera.

The plan is being staunchly opposed by both the IU party, Ecologistas en Accion, local pressure group Antequera Habitable and various local towns.

Humilladero has already voted against the scheme, while the villages of Bobadilla and Bobadilla Estacion have also opposed it.

Each town has been asked to submit views and potential impact to the Environment Ministry.

Construction group behind the scheme, Vera, predicts it could be ready by 2012.

Antequera is only 30 minutes from Malaga and will be just 20 minutes when the new Las Pedrizas toll motorway is finished.

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  1. Another hairbrained scheme. Quite simply, Malaga is undergoing expansion, so an Airport at Antequera is just not required. Malaga is so close to Antequera in any event that it is an irrelevance. The environment is more important than another Airport. Vote NO.

  2. Who needs Antequera when it is only 60Km away from Malaga? That’s just ‘around the corner’, distance-wise. Noise pollution, fumes, more traffic, destruction of countryside is good, is it Ralph? The other side to Spain is an unpolluted, undeveloped land – this is what we need more of, not more development. Ralph, wise up, and drive the 30 mins to Malaga. Duh.

  3. This seems crazy. Jerez is under used and needs a rail link ASAP. Gibraltar is being rebuilt and is under used and also needs a rail link in time. Why build a new airport when the existing can be used. These plans are too close to Malaga and should be binned.

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