A GROUP of British motorcyclists have been robbed while on holiday in Andalucia.

The seven bikers, who are members of the Javea Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club, all had valuables stolen from their bikes while parked in a Ronda car park.

As well as camping equipment, they also had a camera, tools, documentation, a leather jacket and a bag of gifts for relatives stolen.

“It is amazing that this happened,” said Nick Findlay, a local English resident. “The bikes were parked in such a public place that somebody must have seen the thefts taking place.”

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  1. it seems lately that ronda should be avoided untill someone maybe the mayor realizes that the town survives on tourism from all over the world, and reading twitter and other sites lately it is getting a lot of bad press.

  2. Franco, if you avoided towns because of crime you’d go nowhere!

    These crimes happen all the time. We’re only hearing about “The Ronda Crime Wave” because Paul Whitelock keeps wandering about his home patch looking to fill the website with something lol.

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