A SPANISH politician has demanded an explanation from the FBI after it used his “hair and forehead” in a photo-fit of Osama Bin Laden.

Former Izquierda Unida leader, Gaspar Llamazares – highly critical of the US’ War on Terror – was used in the age-enhanced mug shot of the terrorist leader.

“We in the United Left do not believe in coincidences.”

The use of the photo has angered the IU and led to accusations that it was not merely an accident.

“We in the United Left do not believe in coincidences,” explained an IU spokesman.

Despite the FBI insisting it used “cutting edge” technology to create the image, it has emerged a technician instead used a photo found on Google.

“What he did is totally irregular,” explained a spokesman for the FBI.

“For some reason one particular technician was not satisfied with the hair the programme was offering and, on their own initiative, decided to turn to the images in Google.”

The image of the Al Qaeda leader, as he may look now without the familiar long beard and turban, was put on the webpage of the State Department’s Rewards for Justice programme.

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