THE quality and variety of stories saw the Olive Press website climb to a record 12,900 visitors last week.

Readers from all over the world read stories on Spain being too British for Britons, the weather (of course) and our Rafael Nadal feature, Beauty behind ‘the Beast’.

It was this story that saw our highest ever number of website hits in one day with 2300 visitors.

Today the Olive Press sees over 2000 visitors visiting us almost every day.

Incredibly around a quarter of these come from America, while nearly half are from Ireland and the UK.

The final quarter are expatriates based in Spain.

The website has seen a steady growth in 2010 and is growing hand in hand with increasing distribution numbers of the newspaper, now numbering 14000 each issue.

Other popular stories included Sir Geoff Hurst’s pain in Spain, Winter warmer for expats and We don’t want English tourists.

Increasingly Andalucian expats are turning to the Olive Press and its website for their news and reading material.

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