By Nicola Cowell

ANGRY investors in the Royal Resorts Turkey project are stepping up their campaign to find the British couple who have allegedly gone on the run with one million euros.

In particularly they want to locate the driver who had an accident with Nigel and Margaret ‘Mags’ Andrews outside their base at the Guadalpin Hotel, in Marbella, a few weeks before they shut up shop and disappeared.

As reported last issue, the couple vanished after reportedly taking cash for apartments in Turkey which were never built.

Ex-pat Tony May, from Malaga, said: “The police apparently don’t have any records of the incident as it was settled with an exchange of insurance details.

“If we can find the other person involved in this accident they may still have his previous insurance details and registration of his car.”

He added: “I am happy to offer a small reward for the information.”

Intriguingly it has emerged that Nigel Andrews used to work for Darragh Macanthony’s firm MRI.

But, Tony May is still searching for clues to the couple’s whereabouts and is keen to hear from other duped investors in the hope of setting up an action group.

He has also written a letter to Royal Resorts ex-salesman Robin Lewiston, who he believes may also have been a victim of the alleged scam, to get some answers.

Last week Lewiston was adamant that he had no contact with the couple and that the project was not a scam, but has since stopped responding to emails.

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  1. Their probably back in Blighty planning the next scam.
    Get a decent photo of Mad Mags and put it on a wanted poster along with Ugly Nigel.
    These TWO may be one step ahead but its not as if they have done a Osama Bin Laden, Greed will be their downfall!

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