POLICE have raided a group of pensioners playing 20 cents bingo.

Heavily armed officers crashed into the pensioners club of Son Cotoner, in Palma de Mallorca, shouting “Stop Police, nobody move”.

The police then proceeded to seal off the room and inspect the documentation of the terrified ‘gamblers’ before confiscating the toy bingo machine and the five euro prize money.

A baffled Father Manolo, the parish priest responsible, explained they had been playing bingo for the past 30 years for 10 cents a card, but sometimes they had “specials” for 20 cents.

He added that among other activities such as lunches, and excursions it was part of the entertainment offered to the retired residents of the club.

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  1. Good work spanish police. Diligent investigation and surveillance over a complex thirty year operation to bring to justice these gambling “saga louts”. Hopefully they can now pursue these “innocent” pensioners in the courts to reclaim the €136.80 gambled away over this period. Sadly though, until very recently because of this flag-ship investigation, the police and judiciary lacked the resources to look into an unconfirmed rumour from malcontented sources that there may have been a tiny, weeny, bit of corruption at local town halls all over andalucian spain.

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