AN OUTRAGEOUS video game targeting illegal immigrants has been removed from PP party’s website.

The game was commissioned by PP’s Catalan branch for the upcoming regional elections.

Its hero Alicia Croft, styled on PP candidate Alicia Sanchez Camacho, shot down illegal immigrants and Catalan separatists while flying on a seagull.

The game, which was I-Phone compatible, was withdrawn within hours after provoking widespread outrage across Spain.

PP spokesman later tried to contain the damage by claiming the targets should’ve been labeled ‘illegal mafia’ and not ‘illegal immigrants’.

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  1. They did make one featuring expats Fred. They are just illegal expatriots, but I think the general sentiment is the same whatever type of expats is specified. Blame the immigrants for your problems is an easy brainless excuse but that is not something you ever hear in the UK or is it?

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