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Amnesty International puts death toll from June 2022 border fence storming at 37 with 76 migrants still unaccounted for

NEARLY A year on from a migrant tragedy at the Spanish border with Morocco at Melilla, Amnesty International has released a new estimate of...

Chief inspector in Spain’s Basque Country offers extra days off for officers who arrest immigrants

A PROBE has been opened in the Basque Country after it emerged that a chief inspector from the National Police offered his officers days...

Mass arrests over scam for immigrants to obtain Spanish residency in Murcia and Zaragoza areas

A gang who charged €4,000 for fake papers used to apply for Spanish residency has been broken up by the Policia Nacional. 48 people have...

Police investigate after three bodies wash up on Spain’s Malaga coast in 48 hours

THE Policia National together with the Guardia Civil have opened an investigation to determine the cause of death of three people - two men...

Pregnant woman and 8-year-old boy amoung those who lost their lives in tragic Lanzarote shipwreck

At least four people died, including a woman reported to be pregnant and a child, and another four were missing after a migrant boat...

Sinking escape: Three men arrested for attempted kayak crossing to Gibraltar

Three Moroccans have been arrested for immigration offences, after entering Gibraltar Territorial Waters in a kayak on Sunday night. At 8.30pm, the men aged 23,...

Baby born on boat carrying immigrants from Western Sahara to Spain’s Canary Islands

A BABY has been born on a boat carrying illegal immigrants to the Canary Islands.

Spain’s coast guard rescues 70 immigrants off the coast of the Canary Islands

SPAIN’S coast guard has rescued 70 immigrants off the coast of the Canary Islands.

Migrant mum gives birth on boat to Spain but baby dies before they make it ashore

A BABY has died after being born on a small boat carrying migrants to Spain.

WATCH: Boat-load of migrants land in broad daylight on Marbella beach

The film shows the individuals, all dressed in black, landing on the sands, in a busy part of the city.

Girl of THREE among 79 illegal immigrants intercepted as Guardia Civil arrests Alicante-based trafficking gang

A GIRL aged three was among 79 illegal immigrants intercepted by boat when Guardia Civil arrested an Alicante-based trafficking gang this week. Among the illegal...

No-deal Brexit could make pension payouts to British expats living in Spain ‘illegal’

The Association of British Insurers claims expats living in the EU ‘might find that they couldn’t be paid their pension'

Spain’s population grows thanks to influx of immigrants

AN influx of immigrants has helped Spain's population grow for the second year in a row.  The number of people in Spain increased by 132,263...

Spain sees increase in migrant mortality

THE death rate among undocumented migrants in Spain has risen 15% since reforms denied them access to free public healthcare. Migrants were excluded from access...

Gang arrested after kidnapping immigrants and holding families to ransom in Andalucia

FIVE people have been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping immigrants in Algeciras. The Guardia Civil detained four Moroccans and one Spaniard as part of an...

12 things no one warned you about living on Spain’s Costa del Sol (UPDATED)

There are a few things that you will have to 'adjust' to

Barcelona home to Spain’s first all-female cricket team

The team was set up for Pakistani teenagers in Catalunya

BREAKING: 21 immigrants rescued in Strait of Gibraltar

Dramatic rescue of intercepted immigrant boats

African immigrants attempt Melilla charge

Around 600 attempt to force their way into the Spanish enclave in two waves

Spanish police stop more than a thousand migrants crossing Ceuta border

Police have stopped a second wave of 1,600 migrants at the Ceuta border

Rubber bullets fired at Ceuta escapists

Action justified by aggressive behaviour, police say

Spanish authorities rescue African immigrants

African migrants in desperate Europe-bound mission

Open door for Colombians

Colombians given a 'wonderful birthday present' off Spanish government

‘Healthcare must be free for all’, says Andalucia Junta

Junta refuses to bow to ‘xenophobic’ rules forcing foreigners to pay for treatment

Sixteen immigrants take shelter on Spanish islet near Morocco

The group, including women and children, has left the government unsure of what to do next

Granada Calling for Joe Strummer

Campaign gathers speed to name a city street after punk legend Joe Strummer




“This has to stop” – mother delivers petition to Congress with 63,000 signatures demanding total ban of mobile phones...

TWO TEACHERS on Thursday delivered a petition with 63,000 signatures to Spain’s Congress of Deputies in a bid to encourage a total ban on...


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